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Remembering Dr M M Alex

Remembering Dr M M Alex

The earliest image of Dr M M Alex, who had been my college mate in C MS college Kottayam in the seventies , is of a lean boy dressed in Kaavi, an affinity he has kept till his end .He has been then seen more with Aravindhan or Sethu. We parted company  for several years. Then  suddenly he makes an appearance in Madras  as an actor in Tamil and Malayalam >By that time he had  some  memorable roles in raajavintxe makan and thoovanathumbikal I remember him introducing me Lohithadas , who as a playwright has  just won  an academy award winning  playwright . Three of us walked from the lanes of Taj to Gemini. Lohi made history with his scripts and cinema. Alex left altogether cinema
 I think he did the wise thing at an young age .He has then started working on a video cassette on shabarimala Ayyappan, one of the first in the direction He started immersed in vedic literature and ha s established Vedik India society. It seems his lectures on Hinduism were a hit in the Us universities.
He was not only guru to heaven seekers but was in the company of parliamentarians, judges and industrialists. I remember him ordering   a ship of coal to Chennai when a company wanted it badly. Though he could dabble in the money making game he cut it short. I remember an occasion when he refused crores worth of an offer if it  materiliased , a lesson I have also imbibed
He knew the intricacies of the labyrinthine paths in politics and religion and business and coursed through it effortlessly which many could not do .Many become a prisoner of money or power or fame.
One thing  kept him preoccupied . His passion for cinema .He was a notable villain in the eighties and could have made some films but he has turned his mind to otherworldly pursuits a change I have observed every morning during our walks through thiruvanmiyur beach, Chennai. I also remembr him actively campaigning for special jury award for jyothirmayi for he brilliant performance ,as a jury member of the national film awards. He got married and have two successful kids
He enjoyed life and extorted everybody to do the same. A passion he has had till his last moments,which many shared this day
My pranaaams


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